Do Re Mi Voice Training - Singing app for iPhone and iPad

Do Re Mi Voice Training


Sing Better with Do Re Mi Voice Training

The perfect tool for improving your singing voice! See exactly what pitch you're hitting as you sing, and work on steadiness or vibrato. Compare to reference pitches from the included keyboard.

Don't waste time with more expensive programs that need a computer and a cumbersome microphone setup -- Do Re Mi Voice Training is more accurate, and uses your device's built-in microphone. (Older iPod Touch models with external microphone also supported.)

“When I first used it, I was scared by how often I was going flat. After a week, I am in love with this app. ... After singing a song through it, I can hear immediate improvement of my voice and sense of pitch.”

Getting started

Hit the record button to begin. Tap one of the piano keys, then try to match that same pitch with your voice. As you sing, the app graphs your pitch, showing you whether you're too high or low. Try holding your voice steady in the center of the bar.

When you're comfortable matching a pitch, you can use the app with any of your regular voice exercises (if you aren't sure where to start, search for voice warmup exercises online, there are lots of free examples). You can sing through scales or slide between pitches while using the app to make sure you're staying in key. After warming up, you can also use it while rehearsing a hard section of a song, to make sure you hit the right pitches exactly.

“I find the app great for trying to learn to sing in tune. I was paying £20 an hour to a singing teacher but found it much more difficult than having the feedback that this app gives.”

Background noise:

This app works best in a quiet room or away from background noise, but if you can't manage that, you can still adjust the volume meter to compensate. If the app is picking up too much background noise, tap the volume meter and drag it to the right to cut off excess noise. Be sure to drag it left to increase sensitivity when things are quiet again.

“I’ve been using this app everyday for over a month to train my voice. I love it cause I not only can hear my voice, but I also can see how my voice appears on my iPad screen, that really helps.”

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Do Re Mi Voice Training works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.