Do Re Mi Ear Training - Solfège app for iPhone and iPad

Do Re Mi Ear Training


A Portable Solfège Practice Partner

Develop pitch recognition, memory, and transcription ability by repeating musical phrases. Unlike other ear training apps, Do Re Mi Ear Training doesn't just play simple intervals or one note at a time, but lets you choose the length of the tune you want to practice on. Progress through 50 ascending skill levels, or choose your own custom practice settings.

Perfect for music students or musicians who want to take advantage of spare moments to brush up on their music theory or transcription skills.

“As a music student, I love this app. It was exactly what I was looking for to help prepare for aural skills and theory exams. All of the features listed work extremely well, and the customizability of difficulty is incredible.”

Do Re Mi has tons of customizable settings that let you work on intervals, relative pitch, perfect pitch, and use a variety of notation types to fit the standards at your school. Also control tune length, speed, scale (including all standard modes), and more!

"I love your new version of Do Re Mi. It has been working great. I've been using your application everyday since July for at least 10 minutes a day and it has done wonders for my ear."

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"At last an iphone app for ear training which understands that testing intervals is not practical ear training. It's logical and takes you from the basics to really hard stuff."

Do Re Mi Ear Training runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.